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About Our Music Director, Paul John Stanbery

As well as directing our Music Ministries and participating in our weekly church services, Paul John Stanbery is currently Music director of the Hamilton Fairfield Symphony, Ohio Mozart Festival, Great Miami Youth Symphony and has been Associate Conductor of the Lima Symphony in Ohio.  Guest appearances have included the Western Piedmont Symphony, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, The University of Cincinnati and the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra.  He is a regular guest with the  Miami University Symphony Orchestra.

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Mr. Stanbery studied at Bowling Green State University and The University of Cincinnati.  His mentors and teachers included conducting studies with Emil Raab, Ivan Trusler, Robert Porcoand John Leman.  He studied composition with Wallace DePue and H. Owen Reed.

He was also the founder and conductor of the Blue Ash-Montgomery Symphony, as well as the Clermont Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra


Zion’s Music Ministries are continuously growing!

Would you like to become a member?  Please contact our Music Director, Paul John Stanbery.

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