Women of Zion Committees

» Meals on Wheels
Organizes volunteers to deliver meals to people who are shut-ins and cannot cook for themselves. Zion delivers the second week of each month.
» Mailings
In charge of organizing bulk mailings and mailing The Messenger.
» Butler County House
2nd Monday of January, March, May, September, November. Fellowship with residents of the county home. Provides games and refreshments.Needed: Bakers (for snacks served), socializers, jewelry, and small gifts for game prizes.
» Prayer Chain
Contacts persons on prayer list of weekly needed prayer.
» Portals of Prayer
Delivers the Portals of Prayer to the shut-ins during the year.
» Mission Sewing
Quilts for the Lutheran World Relief. We need old sheets and blankets and materials for this project. This dedicated group quickly turns out many quilts each year. More information here.
» Post High School Ministry
The purpose is to nurture faith as youth launch new beginning by keeping in touch with graduates who pursue their dreams, either through higher education, military service, or employment.
» Bereavement
Arranges for bereavement meals/dinners following funerals as needed.
» Kitchen Cleanup
Responsible for cleaning specific areas of the church kitchen.